Hi there! I’m a Freelance Website Technician specializing in WordPress Maintenance and Development. Please have a look around and Contact Me if you have a project, big or small, I can help you with. Check out the Tips and Links for additional resources.


My service (eg: software updates, adding pages w/content, blog posts, image uploads, etc) is billed in 1/2 Hour Blocks at $30.00 per Block, with a minimum of 1 Block purchased. That covers approximately 800-1000 words, and includes checking formatting on Chrome, Firefox, Tablet, and Mobile.

WordPress Development

WordPress Site Development can be quoted at either a flat or hourly rate. I can install and personalize your chosen Theme, install and set up requested Plugins, input your Text and Image content, and walk you through it’s upkeep. Every site is different, so you will receive a quote customized to fill your needs.

DIY Assistance

I enjoy helping someone get set up to build, and maintain, their own website. With the tools available these days, a little guidance, and a little patience, most people are capable of doing it themselves. Having some help along the way will save you time, and occasional frustration, along the way.

Band Page Special #1



Includes Main Page(Blog), A page for your music and merch store links, and a Bio/Contact Page.  Doesn’t include the Image Slider and embeded MP3 Player. I will personalize this site for your band on your hosting account(see my hosting suggestions). You just need to provide your band’s logo, and whatever other content you want to use to make the site your own. Additional Pages done for $25.00 each.

Band Page Special #2



Same pages as Band Page Special #1 but with the Image Slider and an embeded MP3 Player. Check it out. I will personalize this site for your band on your hosting account(see my hosting suggestions). You just need to provide your band’s logo, and whatever other content you want to use to make the site your own. Additional Pages (Photo gallery, Social Media Wall, etc.) done for $25.00 each.

Service Block Special | $150

Purchase 6 Blocks(3 Hours) of our content editing service for $150 (saves $30).

Blogger Special | $150

We install your WordPress Theme , upload your graphics(up to 4 images), personalize your Blog Page, Bio Page, and Contact Form. Additional Pages are $25.00 each.

After spending years with GoDaddy, and having more than a few issues with them, I finally did a deep dive on available hosting and landed on Siteground as being the best all around option for me. The servers are EXTREMELY fast, Cpanel interface , great packages and pricing, and their customer service is 2nd to none.

Web Hosting

Divi WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes have done a great job with Divi. It is my favorite Builder, as well as my favorite Theme. Tons of options and power, but easy to use and quick to pick up for beginners.  They also have a ton of great templates, themes, and a few awesome plugins for free when you buy Divi. Check them out!

Who I am. Why I’m here. What that means for you.

     Once upon a time, 20+ years ago…., I was fascinated with programming. When I wasn’t working my day job, or filling my “Family Time” quota, I was on my computer learning by doing: Visual Basic, PHP, MySql, etc.. As my daughter got older, started school, etc. my time with her became somewhat limited. I made a conscious effort to get off of my PC to be Dad and Husband as much as possible. The computer time dwindled to some online gaming after the family went to sleep. It was actually a pretty damn happy existence. Of course, time goes on and things change. My daughter grew up and went to college, my work responsibilities changed, and I found myself with alot more time on my hands. When not hanging with the Wife, the majority of my free time the past 4 or 5 years has been spent gaming and watching too much TV. It sounds great in theory, but man it gets boring! I decided I needed to change things up, feed my head, and try to be more productive. Getting back into programming just sort of popped into my head one morning, so I started looking into it, and things have changed…. I remember how much fun I had, and the sense of accomplishment I got from building web sites for people. But yeah, things have changed. I assumed what knowledge I did have was still floating around in my brain, waiting to be called upon. But alas…. even if it is still in there it’s woefully outdated, and apparently the neural pathways leading to it died a slow death long ago. Then I stumbled across WordPress. It reminds me of PHPNuke from back in the Stone Age. With alot of help from 2 of my dearest friends, Google and YouTube, I was able to start “learning by doing” again.  Anyway…. this story has dragged on long enough. This is the beginning of, what I hope will be, a long and fulfilling journey back into doing something that I love. My customers (hopefully you will be one of them) will benefit from my current level of experience by receiving: a reasonable price, my full attention, a higher level of customer service than they are accustomed to, my willingness to do the menial tasks others don’t want to, and my determination to succeed. I hope we get to work together.



Jeff Summitt